US constitution under attack

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( Special Thanks to Jim Welch of The Reform Party of Texas for the cartoons)


The Trust is gone! When Congress give themselves raises, but cuts Veterans services, give welfare, green card, food stamps, SSI benefits, health care benefits to illegal aliens, there is something wrong with this picture! The answer is very simple, your government officials are bringing them here to get their illegal vote, then we taxpayers foot the bill for every service they give them while cutting health benefits to our loyal Veterans. "Virginia Brooks"


Ross Perot is no longer involved with the Reform Party, and neither is Pat Buchanan, and as this gentleman states, people understand the reason these gentleman came into our party, and what their purpose was.? We must make certain this does not happen again. We want a person that is a true Patriot to run with us for President, and if we get these veterans to join our party, we can be sure they are true and wonderful patriots that will never sell us out...they will join in our fight to save this great country of ours, to return it to a Constitutional and Representative Republic.? Please read this in its entirety, and thank God for Patriots like Steve Mungie. Please forward this far and wide, to every patriot group out there who?is also working for the same thing the Reform Party is!

Steve is responding to a letter I sent out trying to get help orgainizing our counties in Ohio!?

Virginia Brooks, Reform Party of Ohio, State Chair?

Please forward this letter to the ....


To the Leadership of the National Headquarters of the
Reform Party..... even Perot!

Just a note from a "little guy", someone even the backdoor guard would ignore.? Would you care to listen to a little "dose of reality", and a few suggestions????? It could make all the difference in the world.... unless of course, like the Republicrats and Democrooks, you ignore the "nobodies" of this nation.

All I can do is try, and hope the recipients of this letter will forward it to those who care .... and can make decisions, that could change the direction of our fallen nation.

We all know that the Republicrats and the Democrooks have forsaken their mandate, to represent the people of America.? We all know that they are "in it for the money", and to put it bluntly, have developed the attitude:? "piss on the people".

The present Republicrat administration has committed almost every known act of treason they could dream up, and for all intent and purposes, has usurped the Republic.? And courtesy of a very corrupt
US Supreme Court, staged a true "coup d'etat" in November of 2000, by handing the presidency to the most incompetent and lying loser in the history of the nation (but then again, Herr Gore-sky is too, and one wonders, who would have really been the "lesser of the two evils"???)

We are at this point in time, on the "brink" (as you put it) of becoming a fascists-police state, in which the freedoms we once enjoyed, now no longer exist.? Our economy is in the toilet, and the likelihood of any true recovery is a joke.?? "The Great Depression II" is in its death grip on the American economy ... if there really is one left .........

When you have a "leader" who is beholding to his buddy's overseas.... guess where the jobs, the money and the economy go .....?????? With?? abominations like GATT, NAFTA, WTO and every other gimmick the BUSH-whacker and Clintons could dream up, what can one expect???? They have sold America's soul to the devil, for their own personal? gain.

I personally believe that the BUSH-whacker and gang, should it appear they will lose the next election, may likely declare marital law, and seize the nation.? What then??? Likely, another revolution??? Another civil war?

The Reform party's Ross Perot is just about as bad, having deliberately served as George the First's lackey, by splitting the vote, in the election between the first Bushie and his Democrook challenger.... by having done so, ensured that Bush the First would steal the election.

We have all come to the reality that the Bush family, George the First, "Dubya", brothers Neil and Jeb and others .... are literally comparable to the Mafia, the Italian "Cosa Nostra", made famous in America in the 1930's.????? They have proven beyond doubt that they (along with their sidekick, Dickhead Cheney) can rob America blind, of untold billions, possibly trillions..... and along the way, commit so many unbelievable acts of treason against the American people, and laugh about it, knowing that they will get away with it, simply because the American people have lost their will to fight back.

You're right:? we are on the brink of disaster!???? But ... for the sake of reality, the Reform party by itself CANNOT win, and cannot stop this rolling avalanche nightmare..... unless you are willing to listen to suggestions of the "little guy" .... a "nobody" like .... little ol' me!

Obviously, the greatest goal is that about 90% of the BUSH-whacker's executive orders must be abolished immediately (as well as those put forth by his predecessor, Comrade Klinton-sky), and the abominations we have come to know as the "Homeland Security Act", the "Patriot Act", and its clone "PA-II" .... must be immediately repealed and those responsible,? held accountable to their constituencies.? ALL are unconstitutional, usurping from the people, their rights under the most of the Bill of Rights.

The Reform Party could win the White House and half of Congress, by one simple plan.? Stand up for the men and women who have given their all in the defense of this great nation.??? To whom do I refer, you ask?

Are you aware that "Candidate Bush", on the steps of the courthouse in Charleston SC, in September 1999, and again, the day before his Inauguration (Jan 19, 2000) , made the same speech (almost verbatim):? "... promises made .... will be promises kept!"

What he referred to was the promises that were made over the past 100 plus years,? to America's veterans, military and retirees, concerning the promise of lifetime medical care in return for 20 or more years of fidelity to and service to, this unthankful nation.??? It also was intended to keep further promises, specifically, the proper support and compensation of the veterans who were disabled in combat, in the service of the nation and also, promises kept to the retirees and their families, for the long years of separation while serving far from home.

And like his father, Bush lied, and when it came time to honor the promises he made, he stopped it all, ordered the decrease in benefits to disabled veterans, cut funding to the Veterans Administration and in general..... dumped on the men and women who believed in him, again, just like Clinton did......

Now listen closely:? there is a (living and voting) community of veterans in this country, numbering approximately 27 million.? Add to that, their families (spouses and their adult voting kids), their supporters and others.? Again, add the following:? another 1.5 million active military and again, their families.... and then, yet another million or more retirees, all of whom have been disillusioned by the lies and the false promises of the present administration and their continuing theft of the money originally earmarked for the veterans.? .??? Consider the men and women, lost in a war in the deserts of Iraq, for what?? The personal financial gain of a clique of thieves, all of whom circle around the Bush Crime Family.

In reality, the potential of about 80 to 100 million votes exist, a resource that if properly tapped, by someone who is willing to keep the promises, and willing to prove to the men and women concerned that they mean what they say.... consider that gentlemen:? we are talking about roughly one-third of the population of the nation, a truly formidable force, for the good of the nation, if ..... properly exercised.

Enough ... truly is ... enough.? Consider the families who lost their kids, a daddy, a mommy, or a son, or daughter? .... so that the Cheney-Bush gang could steal Iraq's resources for themselves and their friends.???

Who do you think would back the Reform Party, in return for a return to common sense and the return of the nation, to the people???

My suggestions are simple:?
ONE-? organize with all of the other known "Third Parties"? (the Reform Party cannot do it alone!), into a realistic coalition, and fight the theft and graft of the two parties now in control, by exposing them both for what they are, and for what they have done to the Republic.

TWO- connect with, and support the Veteran-Military population of America, and give them back the respect, the promises and the support they rightfully deserve.?? Return the stolen pensions, the stolen medical care, the stolen promises, that the BUSH-whacker and gang have stolen from them.

Its yours, handed to you literally "on a platter" .... what you do with it, will determine whether the Reform Party is for real, or just another bunch of wannabees,? playing silly little games....... simply folks, "either shit, or get off the pot",? and make room for someone willing to take the challenge .....

Its up to you folks .... the election is only 18 months away.

Responde, sie voux plait.

Steve Mungie
Colorado USA
wounded bear speaks

PS:? Please make note of the addressees above, in the area marked "Copy to".???? Many are veteran groups, some are Patriot groups.??

I have sent this communique out to approximately one-tenth of the existing Veteran groups, on the Internet.?? If each would in turn, do the same, consider how many people we will, or can,? eventually reach, in less than a week's time!!!

There's the door,? chief .... its up to you to knock ....


There is an old Army maxim...
"Be carefull who's canteen you piss in .... someday, you may have to drink from it!"

Consider the reality of that statement.? I think the Republicrats and Democrooks
are about to find out ....


Excerpt: Original message

(Please forward this to anyone in Ohio that could help us!)

We are on the Brink of Disaster!

With the passage of Patriot Act 1, Homeland Security, and the possible passage of, what some call the Patriot Act 11, our rights are fast diminishing.? What are we going to do about it?? The Ohio Reform Party is covering all 88 counties? to get them organized, so in 2004 we will be running candidates from the very lowest elected job on up..We must start there to be able to have people in place to take our country back.? All over the United States, the Reform Party is revamping and taking charge.? In Mississippi alone they are running candidates in 12 of their 16 districts, a candidate for Governor and one for President.? In Kansas, the same activity, and in many other states, we will be ready in 2004..If we are to succeed, we would be most grateful for your help!? Whether it is running for a candidate, or providing many other services.? On Every Other Monday, we are hitting counties to get them organized. On May 19th. we will start in Canton, Ohio where we will be meeting at the Athens Restaurant at 9 A.M. with breakfast and speaking with many people who are at the end of their rope, and they have decided to do something about it. We will set up a county coordinator there to take over to get Stark Co. organized, from there we are heading south and will pass out literature to anyone who is interested in hearing the Reform Party views on jobs in Ohio, Health Care, Education funding & reform of our school teaching, and?other problems faced by Ohioans.? We will end up at 5 P.M. that evening in St. Clairsville, Oh. to get their party energized there.?We invite anyone to follow the route with us, and join in the fun of talking with our fellow Patriots, who desire to return our country to a Constitutional and Representative Government.?
I speak to you and ask your help as the State Chair of the Reform Party of Ohio.
I would also like to introduce you to?our other new State Officers:?
Tom Burkhart, V. Chair, who is from Danville, Ohio, and has been?involved in politics for many years and has ran for several offices in the past. Jack Campbell is our new Treasurer, and hails to us from Loudonville, Oh. also a past candidate for several offices, and is a small business owner.? Barbara Strain is our new Secretary,?who is a retired teacher from St. Clairsville, along with Bob Strain who is the County Coordinator in Belmont Co. Please step up to the plate and help in the organization of Ohio in your county.? It is as easy as the All American Apple Pie, just contact us to help in your area, meet with us and we all will go from there. The best day for us is on Mondays, where we will start meetings at 9 A.M. in an area and head on to the next county. We will be heading down 71 from Ashland County on June 2.? We would like to meet with someone from Morrow/Knox Co. at the breakfast hour, then Delaware/Franklin Co at lunch time then on to Cincinnati for a meeting around 5 P.M. to meet with Joe Spitzig in that area.? Joe has consented to be County Coordinator for that area. Let us know if you will meet with us in any of these areas or in between Col/Cinci. On June 16th. we will be heading to Robert Freeman's in NorthWest Ohio, We will be starting in the Mansfield, Ohio area, and will head out 30 W. if you will meet with us?any place between Mansfield and Ridgeville Corners,(Henry Co., Lucas, Seneca, Wood, Williams Co.etc.) please schedule us in,? meet with us, discuss the issues!
I would be so grateful if you would respond to my message and also fill out the enclosed brochure and send it on to me....Thank you for listening!
Sincerely Yours
Virginia Brooks, Reform Party of Ohio, State Chair 419-368-6074
check out our national web site at: