Barbara Strain - State Secretary

Barbara has been with the Reform Party since 1992, and active in her local chapter and State groups. Barb and her husband Bob live in St. Clairsville, Ohio. In the past few months they have been in charge of getting a Referendum ready for ballot access in Ohio, for refunding Ohio's schools. This will be a major project for the Ohio group, along with getting Ohio's Reform Party on the Ballot...This turned into major project for the Strain's consulting with lawyers getting everything finalized.


 Jack Campbell - Treasurer

Jack hails from Loudonville, Ohio where he is a small business owner of a Sporting Goods Store. He comes to us from the Democratic Party, where he was an active member running for numerous offices, including his bid in 2002 for Representative Ralph Regula's position. Jack is also a good fund raiser and is interested in many aspects of the Reform Party...He will be a great asset to our party, and is already thinking of ways for the RP to raise funds to help with the running of a successful political party.


Virginia Brooks - State Chair

Virginia Brooks is from Ashland, Ohio.  She has been in the Reform Party since its inception, and before that in "United We Stand America"  She is dedicated to reforming our Government and feels the Reform Party is our last chance to do just that.
Virginia is also active at the national level as Chair for the 2004 RPUSA Presidential Nominating Convention to be held in the great State of Ohio in July.  She is also on the RPUSA National, Public Relations, Party Building, and Communication Committees.
Virginia is on the staff of the RP News, which you can order by sending $25.00 to "Communications Committee" Reform Party USA, P.O. Box 1843 Salina, Ks. 67402-1843.  The Ohio Reform Party gets $5.00 back from every subscription sold in Ohio, so this really helps our treasury here in Ohio.  Send in yours today!
"As the Reform Party State Chair, I invite each of you to join the state party and to get involved so that you might be a delegate to our National Convention.  We need an organization in each county, and we invite each of you to consider what you can do to help in your county. Call us and tell us what  you would like to contribute to this party.  We each must get involved to make a difference to a once great nation and can again be admired around the world by patriots like yourself...Call today, Don't wait a minute longer. 1-877-GO-REFORM or call Virginia Brooks at: 419-368-6074 Thank You and May God richly Bless each one of you that decides to help restore this country to a Constitutional and Representative Government!"

 Thomas Burkhart-Vice Chair
(740) 599-5671

 Tom recently joined the Reform Party, and in the past has run for congressional office, and different offices as a Democratic candidate, having become very disillusioned with their politics finally joined the only party he felt focused on what he is most concerned with.  The sovereignty of our nation, he is very concerned with constitutional issues, and feels as reformers do that gov. has no business messing in social issues...Tom will bring much expertise to the Reform Party...We have supported him in the past when he ran for public office, and Tom supports the Reform Party Platform.


 Three important items that we will focus on in the next two years commencing with a handout especially for people in low paying jobs, which we want to let them know we are fighting for their rights, and for a better life for them and their children. These three issues will be: 
1. Getting  Jobs for Ohio's Needy/focusing on recalling NAFTA/GATT/
WTO, MFN for China
2.  Health Care (Get rid of HMO's - biggest problem to health care today)
3. Education
We focused on which committees we should form, and listed below are those committees.
Fundraising Committee:
Co-Chairs appointed are Frank Reed of Plain City, Ohio (614-873-6683, e-mail )
& Jack Campbell of Loudonville, Ohio (419-994-3571 or 419-994-5932) )
Candidate Committee:
 Fred Yost of Ashland, Ohio (419-869-7082,
Robert Freeman of Ridgeville Corners, Ohio (419-267-3306,
Tom Burkhart of Danville, Ohio, 740-599-4683,
The following two committee Chairs will be working closely together:
Ohio Counties Coordinating Chair: Virginia Brooks, Ashland, Ohio
Congressional Districts Coordinators: Barbara Strain, St. Clairsville, Ohio, 740-695-0707 /
Ballot access/Education & Petition Committee:
Chair Robert Strain,
Janet Porter, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, (740-392-1813,
& Joseph Vogler, Mansfield, Ohio (419-756-7317 )
Job Finding/Enhancement of Jobs for Ohio, Committee Chair:
Thomas Burkhart, Danville, Ohio -
Robert Freeman, of Ridgeville Corners, Ohio -
Health Care/Insurance/HMO's Committee  Co.-Chairs:
Mike Mina of Brooklyn, Ohio
(Home ph. 216-398-1974 or Work, 216-875-9683 )
 Dennis Knierien, of Akron, Ohio (330-535-1533)
In Need Of
We need a Veterans Issues Chair & Committee
We need a person to set up and have available to us, a site to list each person in public office, how they have voted on all issues,  legislation, and have that information available as handouts when any of these speakers are in public running for an office. To inform the public of their weaknesses/failures, or their ability and good voting habits.
We need a person in charge of getting support from all patriotic groups in Ohio.
We need a person/person's in charge of getting support from Churches in Ohio.
The above committees need to get the positive as well as negative items of interest out to these groups. Please get us anyone who would take charge of these committees.
These committee Chairs are responsible for a report at the Feb. meeting. These chairs will also be in charge of forming their own committees...(Just a formula to make your committee work and how to accomplish those goals, and any other work you have accomplished during the past month and Feb. & a list of people you have  on the committee to help you!)